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Foot Treatment
Its never To late to look after your feet

With my help, whether it’s short or long term, you’ll be walking comfortably in the knowledge that I am able to keep your foot health to optimal levels at all times. The extensive range of Podiatry and Chiropody services that I can provide, includes:

• General foot care
• Foot pain
• Corn and calluses
• Ingrowing toenail surgery
• Podiatry biomechanics
• General nail care
• Cryosurgery
• Diabetic care
• Nail care
• Blistering
• Advice on bunions and hammer toes
• Severe heel pain
• Orthotics and insoles
• Fungal infections of skin and nails


If you require care from a fully qualified Chiropodist and Podiatrist, please call Mitle Patel to arrange an appointment


Verrucae can occur at any age and can be both painful and stubborn. 

They are a virus of the skin and therefore can prove to be difficult to remove. I offer several treatment options that would take into consideration the type, size and location of the lesion as well as the age and activity levels of the patient. 
This would allow an option of treatments to suit you, including cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen freezing), swift microwave therapy, and needling as well as topical acid treatments to advice on home treatments. 

As a well-established Chiropodist/Podiatrist, I understand that ingrown toe nails can cause pain in both adults and children. 

Gentle care and attention with the use of local anaesthetics if required can resolve the pain immediately caused by the curved nail digging into the skin.