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Pilates is the perfect exercise for any age in this modern world of days spent hunched over  computers and mobile devices or at desks, driving in traffic and carrying heavy bags. Pilates is  also a great post injury follow on from physiotherapy. 

My focus is on rehabilitation, postural correction and alignment, balance and core strengthening.  I truly believe it’s never too late for you to feel more flexible and mobile. Not only will you gain ease of movement, but also strength and balance all to aid improving your posture.

Pilates improves your breathing techniques and the health of your pelvic floor.

pilates studio
pilates and postural correction

I underwent comprehensive training as an Advanced personal trainer and nutritionist at Fitness  first in 2009 and Pilates instructor in 2010 with Alan Herdman School of Pilates. 

I have combined my years of podiatry knowledge in biomechanics and gait analysis with full body  functional health to help injured or older less mobile clients to athletes. 

I have an equipment studio for one to one sessions in North Finchley N12, which allows me to  really understand and cater for your individual needs and goals. I am hands on to ensure you gain  the most out of your session. 

As part of my sessions I will analyse your posture and address your concerns working within your  means and gently progressing you through stretching and strengthening and personally modified  exercises and movements.

One to one sessions

I offer a 30 min initial assessment/discovery session for £30. This can then be redeemed against your first course booking.

Sessions can include postural analysis. Get in touch today to find out more.

I offer pilates in 2 locations. Please see details below…

physio ed clinic
Pyshio Ed Medical
Upon appointment

Physio Ed Medical

1 Belsize Crescent

Phone or WhatsApp: 07856 45 77 22

My Pilates Clinic, North Finchley n12
Upon appointment

My Pilates Clinic

The Lindens
North Finchley
N12 9DL

Phone or WhatsApp: 07856 45 77 22

pilates studio

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information on our pilates sessions.

Join our mailing list for more information on our pilates sessions.